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How many times have you lost your car keys? Many times, right? New car keys are not easy to get made. The worst feeling is to not find car keys when you are in a hurry for a meeting or have an important place to be at in a short time. To top it all, if all the car dealerships are closed for the day, there is no way you can get your hands on new keys. However, we’ve got a better and more feasible option just for you. Harrisburg NC Locksmith Store has several clients in Harrisburg, NC area who come to us asking for new car keys time and again. We know how to make instant new keys for you and are open 24/7 so you can reach out to us anytime you need.  

Harrisburg NC Locksmith Store’s New Car Key Making

Harrisburg NC Locksmith Store Harrisburg, NC 704-981-0913Harrisburg NC Locksmith Store has simple solutions to get new car keys made. Our team will immediately leave after receiving your call on our super fast mobile vans. These mobile vans have all the tools, machinery and necessary equipment along with the finest locksmiths to solve any locksmith issues. After reaching your vehicle's location, our locksmith will get to the job really soon. A new key will be in your hands, in not more than 20-30 minutes.

Our team

The team of locksmiths and engineers that we employ are the best in class. We have a specialized team that’s dedicated for emergencies. Our locksmith team for vehicles goes through constant training and upgrades its knowledge base. This is essential as we know that vehicles and their security systems and protocols keep changing. Our locksmiths are trained on-field and are given technical training about new developments in the automobile security field for added knowledge.  This knowledge will help them lay out a rescue plan for clients and in making new car keys onsite.

24/7 availability of service to make new keys are what clients seek out the most and these are one of the most-appreciated services by our clients. We make sure that you are in possession of a new key in the shortest time possible. We suggest you save our number and keep it safe as you never know when you require new car keys. If you want to know more about our services, then call us on 704-981-0913. Our team will come over at once!